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Purpose. It’s something we all yearn for in our personal and professional lives. It’s something that gives us peace of mind. Having purpose.

It’s something we ask ourselves as a LYS. What is our purpose? What is OUR purpose in YOUR life and what gives us peace of mind?

I would say first that our need is only to look back at our mission statement - to provide an inspiring and inclusive community.....see all who enter as worthy and equal....strive to make a connection with all. Those sentences jump out. If that’s to be our purpose then how do we extend ourselves to be sure that it happens and that we gain purpose in YOUR life?

We are living through trying times as a nation. Each of us is being tested on a personal level to decide where we stand on so many different topics. Our religions are clashing, our preferences clash too. Families are being torn apart by opposing political views. Diversity is sometimes the enemy instead of the opportunity.

One thing we know for sure at MFY, is that each day we strive hard to create an open and embracing environment where everyone is welcome and accepted. Again, referring back to our mission statement. It seems so simple.

So this is what we ask of you. Help us. We wish to ignite inspiration and not division. Please help us to create a tolerant environment where everyone who enters our doors can feel at peace. We love when you sit and knit with each other, we love when you take our classes or join us at Sunday knit alongs. We are asking that as a member of our most welcome fiber family that you refrain from conversation that divides and ignites negativity. By doing so you will help us to keep the store that wonderful place where everyone can go on a bad day and know they will be cheered up, or that place where each person knows they fit in just fine.

It really does matter. Kindness begets kindness. We think it’s our purpose in your life Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be the best we can be for our community.

Happy crafting,



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