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Ravelry, Ravelry, Ravelry..... blah-diddy-blah. Have you heard this word a few hundred times and not known what the heck it’s referring to? You’re not alone.

Ravelry is a place for all us hand artists to find the best project and pattern inspiration, second only to your LYS ( 😉 wink. That’s us). It’s also a place where you can catalog your yarn and needles, and show off your work. It’s free too. Did I mention it’s FREE?😉 you only have to go to and set up a username and password. That’s it.

You don’t have to post to reap the benefits. You can be like me, off in the shadows, never posting my finished objects but always looking for the next great pattern. Come on, who has time to do everything??

Ravelry is filled with filters to help you find just the right pattern for that crazy yarn you bought on the last yarn crawl and don’t know what to do with. Tell Ravelry you want to make a sweater. A mans sweater. A mans color work sweater. In bulky. On a size 11. Ravelry will find you ALL the patterns meeting you’re criteria and then show you pictures of finished objects for each pattern. Give it a try.

Some patterns on Ravelry are free and some are pay. Purchasing is done right from the site using PayPal or your credit card. Easy Peasy. And here’s another thing. If you let us make the purchase for you in the store when you’re shopping, the shop gets a small portion of the cost. Win Win. And....the pattern goes right into YOUR pattern library and it’s there forever. Do you love it yet??

So, what’s the moral here? Be a user. Be a Ravelry user. Expand your horizon of inspiration.

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