Encore Worsted
Encore Worsted
6004 Shamrock Heather6005 Midnight Heather6006 Latte Heather6007 Light Grey Heather0480 Neon Blue0690 Basil Heathrt0689 Crocus Heather0685 Denim Heather0686 Wine Heather0687 Emerald Heather0688 Coffee Heather0208 White0146 Winter White0218 Champagne02256 Ecru1202 Sand0240 Taupe1415 Fawn Mix1203 LT Brownstone6003 Fox6002 Rimouski1204 Brownstone6001 Racoon0476 Neon Yellow0477 Neon Green0478 Neon Pink0479 Neon Orange0896 Petal Yellow0470 French Vanilla0215 Yellow1382 Bright Yellow1014 True Gold0460 Golden Glow0472 Cantaloupe1383 Bright Orange0461 Living Coral0453 Rust Roadster0456 Harvest0212 Dec Cinnabar1445 Burnished Heather1008 Halloween1010 Thanksgiving0597 Pale Peach0029 Baby Pink0449 Pink0241 Pink Heather0464 Dusty Rose9408 Rose Bud0457 Carnation0137 California Pink1385 Bright Fuschia0180 Mauve0958 Regular Mauve0454 Plum Porsche1011 Spring Time1607 Merlot0174 Cranberry0475 Stitch Red0560 Cranberry0999 Deep Burgundy9601 Regal Red1386 Christmas Red1003 Candy Cane1004 Peppermint1001 Merry0054 Christmas Green0678 LT Grnfrost Mix0670 Dark GRNFRSTMix0445 English Fern1446 Meadow Heather0462 Woodbine1233 Greenhouse1234 Dark Greenhouse0214 Forest Green3401 Greenstone0466 Quarry0679 Mineral Heather1232 Light Greenhse1231 Pale Greenhouse3335 Rio Lime0474 Green Isle0459 Lagoon0450 Green0451 Green Gremlin0473 Aquarius0801 LT Colonial GRN1201 Pale Green0455 Bonnet0471 Blue Hydrangea0235 Miami Aqua1308 Beach Berry0233 Light Lavender1033 Medium Lavender0452 Purple Prelude1606 Purple Bell1384 Bright Purple0458 Purple Orchid2426 Ivy Blue Mix1034 Dark Lavender1007 Blue Twist0793 Light Blue0514 LT Wedgewood9626 MOD LGHT Denim0149 Periwinkle Heather0515 Wedgewood0133 Royal4045 Serenity Blue0465 Blue Surf1317 Vacation Blues0469 Storm Blue0598 DK Wedgewood0517 Denim Blue0658 Bluebell0403 Blue Jeans Mix0848 Navy Blue0555 Bristol WDGEWD0355 Garnett Mix0468 PHLOX0959 Mauvetone0960 Deepest Mauve1444 Dark Brownheath0599 Deep Brown0463 Purl Grey0194 Medium Grey0389 Grayfrost0520 Night Grey0217 Black
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Content: 25% Wool 75% Acrylic

Length: 200 yards / 182 meters

Gauge:  5 sts per inch 

Suggested needle size: US 8

Care: Machine Wash and Tumble dry on low heat. 

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