Encore Worsted Colorspun
Encore Worsted Colorspun
Raspberry Spun 7992Lime Spun 7993Reds 7794Army 7595Natural 7596Black And Blue 7600Berry Grape 7767Woodland 7764Turquoise 7765Lime Frost 7750Dungaree 7766Denim Frost 7751Sherbert Frost 7752Magenta Frost 7753Grey 76567657Taupe 7658Grape 7659Raspberry Slate 7760Denim Slate 7761Green Plum 7762Charcoal Slate 77637126White Boy Spot 7402White Girl Spot 7403Pink W/ Spot 7400Blue W/ Spot 7401Pastel 7512Dark Pastel 7511Nurserytm PT 7117Orange 75107517 Razzle Print7514 Blue/Green7518 Jolly Rancher7650 Pastels7123 Softtn Print7128 Autumn and More7129 Oceans Print7148 Emeralds7651 Brights7151 Amythest7652 Roses7653 Denim7654 Red7655 Sangria7142 Hazel7145 Purple Nurple7118 Green Print7121 Jade Print7140 Faded Blue7357 Cameldrift7009 Champagneblu7718 Wheatfield Drifti7172 Copperdrift7711 Up Drifting7748 Lemon Sherbert7744 YelBlu Drift7745 Lullaby7962 Aqua-Pinkfst7746 Strawberry Swirl7747 Blueberry7065 WHT PCH Lilc7064 White Lilacs7990 Raspberry Drift7712 Pastel with Tan7333 Cancun Drift7722 Very Bright Kids7749 Oceanic7827 Multibludrft7991 Oceandrift7713 Bright with Green
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Content: 75% Acrylic 25% Wool

Length: 200 yards / 182 meters

Gauge:  5 sts per inch 

Suggested needle size: US 8

Care: Machine Wash and Tumble dry on low heat. 

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