Cascade 220
Cascade 220
9422 Tibetan Rose8415 Cranberry2401 Burgundy9404 Ruby2413 Red8895 Christmas Red8414 Bright Red7830 Coral8035 Mineral Red2404 Atlantic8339 Marine7815 Summer SKy9567 Smoke Blue9543 Midnight Blue9548 Slate Blue8505 White8509 Grey9473 Gris8555 Black9573 In The Navy8162 Baby Blue9487 Puget Sound9485 Kentucky Blue7818 Blue Velvet8905 Robin Egg Blue8887 Dark Lavender8393 Navy9568 Twilight Blue9484 Stratosphere9467 Delphinium9464 Blueberry4192 Soft Pink9477 Tutu9478 Cotton Candy9469 Hot Pink7802 Cerise7801 Rouge Red7805 Flamingo Pink7804 Shrimp9610 Azalea8418 Eggplant9628 Grape Shade9611 Zinfandel8863 Mellow Mauve8114 Dusty Rose9572 Cabernet9612 Purple Orchid8885 Dark Plum9613 Hollyhock9470 Fuchsia7803 Magenta7808 Purple Hyacinth7809 Violet9629 Deep Wisteria9614 Dusk2410 Purple9541 Lupin9630 Purple Plumeria9631 Orchid Mist8886 Italian Plum9570 Concord Grape8762 Deep Lavender8911 Grape Jelly8912 Lilac Mist7807 Regal9547 Espresso9557  Dark Chocolate9632 Bronze Brown9499 Sand7821 Sienna1208 Tan8408 Smoke8234 Pistachio9429 Mossy Rock8640 Cedar Green9566 Olive Oil7828 Neon Yellow9615 Bright Nectarine7824 Jack O'lantern9465B Burnt Orange2414 Ginger7822 Van Dyke Brown2403 Chocolate8686 Brown8622 Camel8021 Beige8010 Natural8412 Pear2415 Sunflower9633 Glazed Ginger9565 Koi9605 Tiger Lily9542 Blaze7825 Orange Sherbet7826 California Poppy7827 Goldenrod9463B Gold4147 Lemon Yellow8687 Butter0980 Pesto8914 Granny Smith9430 Highland Green8910 Citron8903 Primavera8267 Forest Green7814 Chartreuse2409 Palm9486 Shamrock8893 Hunter Green8894 Christmas Green9634 Aqua Haze8311 Mineral Blue9419 Vermeer Blue9635 Porcelain Blue9602 Soft Sage9636 Frosty Green9637 Lily Pad8229 Country Green9427 Duck Egg Blue9076 Mint9638 Ultra-Marine Green7812 Lagoon9639 Fanfare9420 Como Blue9421 Blue Hawaii8908 Anis8907 Caribbean8892 Azure8891 Cyan Blue8906 Blue Topaz9604 Blue Curacao8951 Aqua
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Content: 100% Peruvian Highland Wool

Length: 220 yards / 201 meters

Gauge:  18 - 20 sts = 4in 

Suggested needle size: U.S. Size 7 - 8

Suggested hook size: n/a

Care: Hand wash only. Lay flat to dry

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