LL01 Cottage WhiteLL03 Black BearLL06 SmokeLL09 Bridal RoseLL100 Wine FireLL111 Purple IrisLL41 BuckwheatLL700 Yukon BlueLL12 Cheery CherryLL15 Roasted PepperLL18 Japanese MapleLL21 OrchidLL24 Coastal MistLL27 Sea FogLL30 Southern BreezeLL33 Manor GreyLL36 Dark AshLL39 Cliff RockLL40 AgateLL42 SandstoneLL48 Big Surf BlueLL51 Thunder BayLL54 Aged NavyLL55 Pacific BlueLL56 Blue FirLL57 Lemon Pound CakeLL58 Festive FallLL59 Lavendar CloudLL60 Feather GoldLL63 Mulling SpiceLL64 Deep PeacockLL65 Spring SproutsL66 MarmaladeLL67 Lucky ShamrockLL68 Rose BlushLL69 English SaddleLL72 Scottish HillsideLL73 Lobster RedLL74 Plum DeliciousLL75 GarlandLL77 AmarettoLL79 Blue CascadeLL80 Victorian PlumLL81 English IvyLL82 Deep VioletLL83 Victorious VioletLL84 Sailboat BlueLL85 Dark MagentaLL86 ThunderstormLL87 Catamaran SeasLL89 Embassy PurpleLL90 Mystical PinkLL91 Herbal GardenLL93 Rain DropLL94 Sparkling LemonLL95 Cherry SplashLL96 Maple PralineLL89 Embassy PurpleLL98 Orange ConfectionLL200 Platinum PlumLL222 Precious StoneLL245 Botanical GardensLL255 Rose MarqueeLL200 Aqua DepthsLL333 TwilightLL400 RazzmatazzLL444 Coral ReefLL555 Salt Water TaffyLL600 Mountain RetreatLL777 Autumn RunLL888 GrapevinesLL500 Plantation FallLL46 Twist of Lime
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Content: 100%  Wool

Length: 160 yards / 146 meters

Gauge: 18 sts = 4 in 

Suggested needle size: U.S. size 8

Suggested hook size: n/a

Care: Hand wash only / air dry flat

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